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Who Is Plan-A?

  • Established in 2010, the core team of Plan-A came together with a common value of

​       “Getting it right the first time”.

  • The team brought together cumulative experience of domestic and international design exposure of more than 50 years to form a team that blends youth and experience to provide fresh and innovative solutions.

  • The team has delivered design solutions for more than 5 million sq.ft space. Our approach is driven by quality of service and design and a core part of it involves listening to our client.

Our external persona is driven by our internal values:


Adhering to highest ethical standards. Being  honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behavior to our words.


Committing to achieving goals and building long-lasting relationships.


Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions and decisions. Taking ownership of what we are responsible for. Doing our best even when no one is watching.

Customer Focus

Designing & delivering value for the customer.

Passion for Excellence

Do it right the first time .

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"The four rings in our logo symbolize our core values & the two darts define our unwavering concentration to achieve our goals"
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